Singapore Visa Info

Notice: In case of Delay/Rejection Total Travel Services is not to be held responsible.

For Visa assisstance call : 021-34834720 / 0336-8728357

*  Visit Electronic Visa

*  Passport (Very Clear Scan - First 3 Pages)

*  Photo 01 with white background - Scan

*  CNIC Clear Scan both sides

*  Current Residential Address

*  Education Details

*  Profession Details

*  Annual Income

*  Income Proof

*  Job Letter or Business Proof

*  Hotel Booking and Travel Insurance is Optional but Not Must

*  Flight Itinerary (we will provide it)

* Form 14a completed with signature

*  Singapore Immigration may ask for any further documentation like Bank Statement or Tax Papers if Required

* Please note that it is easier to get Visa when you are travelling with family


Visa Fees & Processing Time

Visa fees:                Rs. 14,000/- Per Application

Processing time:      10 to 15 working days

Validity:      Visa Valid for 01 Month


Please Note

*  Visa Fees may change from time to time.

*  Visa is Subjected to Approval of Immigration.

*  Visa Fee & Service Charges are not Refundable.

*  In case of Delay/Rejection Total Travel Services is not Responsible.