China Visa Info

Notice: In case of Delay/Rejection Total Travel Services is not to be held responsible.

For Visa assisstance call : 021-34834720 / 0336-8728357

*  (Business Visa & F Visa)
*  Application Form
*  Passport Copy (on A4 Size Paper)
*  CNIC Copy (on A4 Size Paper)
*  Official Invitation Letter (if visiting 1st 2nd or 3rd time)
*  Private invitation Letter
*  Covering Letter
*  Original NOC IF Govt. Employee
*  Police Certificate (if traveling first time or traveling after 5 years attested by Ministry of foreign affairs)
*  Bank Statement account maintaining letter (06 Months)
*  Ticket & Hotel Booking Reservation only
*  Letter from Chamber of Commerce if Business Person
*  O2 Passports Size Photographs white background



Visa Fees & Processing Time

Visa fees:                 Rs. 6,391/-

Form Filling Charges: Rs. 6,000/-

Processing time:      3 working days

Please Note

*  Visa Fees may change from time to time.

*  Visa is Subjected to Approval of Immigration.

*  Visa Fee & Service Charges are not Refundable.

*  In case of Delay/Rejection Total Travel Services is not Responsible.