Italy Visa Info

Notice: In case of Delay/Rejection Total Travel Services is not to be held responsible.

For Visa assisstance call : 021-34834720 / 0336-8728357

Requirements for Tourist Visa

*  Application form, with two (02) color recent passport size photograph 45 x 35 mm without border line.

*  Copy of CNIC / Form 'B'.

*   Marriage Certificate (English Translate).

*  Only Sindh & Balochistan residents are eligible to apply for visa application, in other cases proof of residence for at least six months in these two provinces must be supplied a permanent resident of the European does not require a Schengen visa.

*  Letter from the applicant addressed to the visa officer of this consulate general.

*  Proof / Nature of work in Pakistan i.e.

      -   Salary evidence if dependent.

      -   Proprietorship deed or partnership deed if owner or partner of a company.

      -   Inscription to the Chamber of Commerce and industry or to any other Government Association.

      -   In case of owner / partner of the company the applicant has to show a (Proprietor or Partnership deed documents).

*  Personal / Company's Bank Statement of the last Six months + Bank Certificate (Account Maintenance Certificate).

*  Sufficient financial funds for the duration of the visit abroad (traveler cheques, credit cards or bank allowance stamped on the passport) must be provided to this office otherwise the Frontier Authorities in Italy may possibly refuse to give the entry if the above mentioned financial requirements are not supplied.

*  NTN.

*  Credit Cards Copies.

*  Tax Return Last Three (03) Years.

*  Chamber of Commerce Membership Certificate (if Available).

*  Properties Documents (if Any).

*  Travelers Accident & Hospitalization (Sickness) Policy.

*  Airline Ticket with confirmed return date.

*  Hotel Reservation confirmed by fax from Italy or by the Pakistani travel agent. Or letter of invitation by an Italian resident.

*  Photocopies of first four (4) and last two (2) pages of passport including current and previous visited countries visas (All Non-Blank Pages).

*  If under 18 years old, authorized of both the parents.

*  If under 12 years old, who is traveling alone should have the authorization of the both the parents along with the authorization of the captain of the airways.

*   School documents of the Children (School ID, Authorization to travel).

*   Birth Certificate and form B for children under 18.

*   Family Registration Cerrtificate (FRC).

*   Personal appearance of each applicant.

*  All Italian visa applicants are required to book an appointment prior to submission. Walk in applicants will not be accommodated. Schedule an appointment click here

Visa Fees & Processing Time

Visa Fees:               Rs. 10,500/-

Services charges:   Rs. 3000/-

Submission Address:   Bahria Complex 4, 4th Floor Chaudhry Khaliq-uz-Zaman Road, Gizri.

Submission Day :   Monday to Friday

Appointments required

Passport collection : Monday to Friday 09:00 to 04:00

Ramadan Submission Day :   Monday to Friday.

Ramadan Passport collection :Monday to Friday 09:00 to 01:00

Processing time:     3 weeks minimum.

Please Note

*  Visa Fees may change from time to time.

*  Visa is Subjected to Approval of Immigration.

*  Visa Fee & Service Charges are not Refundable.

*  In case of Delay/Rejection Total Travel Services is not Responsible.